Amateur Radio

I have been a licensed radio amateur since March 2011. I hold a full UK License with the callsign MM0ROR and also retain my previous callsigns 2M0STB and MM6MVQ. I have a profile on though this is rarely updated.

My three primary radios are all Yaesu. For HF and portable there is the FT-817ND, for VHF/UHF from home the FT-8900R and for V/UHF portable I use a VX-8DE. With the FT-817ND, I use an FC-707 tuner. As I’ve only recently moved house, I do not have any serious antennas up yet.

My main areas of Interest in amateur radio are lower power operation (QRP) and the use of digital modes, especially packet modes. One thing I would really like to see would be IPv6 coming to amateur radio (possibly in the form of 6LoWPAN) giving end-to-end IPv6 connectivity for amateur packet radio.

In the past I have run an APRS digipeater in Aberdeen with the help of some others. MB7VX was an APRS digipeater situated at the University of Aberdeen. It was built by me with the assistance of Dave Hibberd MM3ZRZ and Gordon Pearce MM0YEQ. The NoV was originally held by Adam Hutchison MM0KFX and the remote shutdown system was built by Carl Anderson. Adam has moved away from Aberdeen now, and I am now the holder of the NoV. I hope to restore this digipeater soon.